Caesy Printables Introduced

CAESY has just introduced CAESY Printables, a new product for CAESY’s DVD Update and Support Plan members. Look Here

Dentists and their staff can use the software to create printable versions of any of CAESY’s more than 200 multimedia presentations for patients to take home. Each one- to two-page CAESY Printable comes with full-color photos and is available in either English or Spanish text. The program comes on CD-ROM, and it can be installed quickly and easily on one or more computers in the office. Single or multiple copies can be printed out, branded with the practice’s name.

After covering the diagnoses, procedures, and alternatives of their suggested treatment, dentists can use CAESY Printables to create a document that will strengthen their recommendation. Patients will appreciate being able to take the information home to share with other decision makers, too.

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