CareCredit Payment Calculator

by Larry Emmott on July 18, 2017

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This online payment calculator from CareCredit is a great example of how simple online services can be used in the dental office. Rather than taking the time and expertise of an office financial manager to look up finance plan options then create a document to show a patient this online version is pre-set with the plan options; the user just types in the desired amount of financing.

Plus; what if the patient said, “That’s great, in fact it is so good I will do the other side too and I can put down $2,000 so what will my payment options be now?” In the past we just didn’t know, without writing things down, knowing the plan options, then doing some math.

With the online calculator the process is so simple patients will be able to see various options and make better choices.

CareCredit® Healthcare Finance – Payment Calculator (Financing for Cosmetic Surgery, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Veterinary & More).

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