Casey wins Best of Show

The CAESY DVD 2007 won Best of Show honors in the Society for Technical Communication’s (STC) International

Smile Channel Direct Access menu

Online Communication Competition (IOCC). 

CAESY DVD 2007 was selected as the Best of Show entry based on its superior video content and production quality. The award-winning content of CAESY DVD 2007 includes 3-D animations, motion and lighting effects, live-action video and advanced illustrations for diagnosis and treatment of patients’ dental conditions.

According to the international judges, “CAESY DVD 2007 separated itself from the pack by seamlessly incorporating video, animation, graphics and audio in a compelling and easily understandable package, and presenting the overall dental-related topics in a comprehensive, thorough manner.”

Nice award…but I can’t help but think of dog shows with the title “Best of Show” 🙂

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