CEREC 27 and a half Agenda Builder

The Cerec 27 and a half meeting has a personalized online system for registrants to review the program and sign up for break out sessions. Of course I suggest you use it to sign up for my course on Paperless Records. 🙂

It’s official, the CEREC 27 and a half Agenda Builder has launched!

What to do now that you’re ready to built your agenda!
1.   Scroll through the sessions offered on Friday and Saturday. Each session is color-       coded by the track it covers, inLab, CEREC, GALILEOS and Schick.
2.   Be sure to select two for each day. You can also use the search tool to sort by session name, speaker and description.
3.   Continue to the summary page. If you’re not happy with the selection you’ve made select, “edit” on the summary page and modify your sessions as needed. Once you’re happy with your agenda print, email or add it to your calendar

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