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Complaining vs. Resourcefulness

From the “Lioness” Katherine Eitel e-news below. Let me add my thoughts: being resourceful in 2010, making the most of the situation you are in an not just getting by, could, in fact should include improving your use of technology. 

My favorite quote from Anthony Robbins is, “We never have a lack of resources.  We often have a lack of resourcefulness.”  There’s enough money.  There are enough patients.  There’s enough time.  There’s  enough love.  Who of us will be the most resourceful in 2010 (and then probably be called “lucky”?)  Who will make the connections and network for answers?  Who will be willing to change what they’re doing and how it’s always been done to reflect the new reality?  Who will be willing to shake up their current beliefs for ones that will serve them better?  

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