Cookbook Failures

Before you get specific training on your fancy high falutin’ dental programs the team and the dentist need to have a good understanding of Windows.

One of the frustrations dentists and team members encounter is cookbook failure. That happens when someone just knows one way (like step by step cook book directions) to use the software but he/she does not understand what is being done and why. When that happens just one slightly different or neglected step and the cookbook fails. The user is lost and has no idea how to find their way back.

To avoid cookbook failure users need to have a general understanding of Windows. You need to know how to turn on your computer system, how to use a mouse to click and drag how to open close and change the size of windows on the computer screen and how to find a window if you have lost it.

Taking the time to learn Windows basics and to understand the Windows file system will mean fewer hassles when you start to use your practice management system.

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