Creating Value

If you bought the world’s best dental handpiece and gave it to a well educated, highly trained professional accountant, would that handpiece make the accountant a great dentist? Would the handpiece have value to the accountant or his/her “patients”?

Of course not, the question is ridiculous, it is not the instrument it is the skill training and experience of the dentist which gives the handpiece value.

Yet time and again this is exactly the situation we see in dental offices when it comes to technology. The dentist invests in some expensive advanced technology and then just hands it off to the staff with little or no training. The dentist and the team have about as much chance of performing well as the accountant with the handpiece.

Getting value from technology starts with making a good buying choice, but that is just the beginning. In fact it is not the beginning, the beginning is really before the purchase when the dentist creates a high tech vision and some goals for the office. Once that is done the dentist is much more likely to make a good buying decision. Then the real work starts.

Training, training and training. But training by itself is still not nearly enough. The dentist and team need to develop systems and workflow to take advantage of the technology.

It is tragically common to find a dental office with some piece of expensive equipment sitting idle in the corner because the dentist and the team never learned how to use it.

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