General Management

Data Base Marketing

Data base marketing is information management in its purest form. Companies use it all the time to target you for products or services they believe you will buy.  For example have you ever noticed that once you buy from a catalog you immediately receive some similar catalogs or direct mail solicitations? That’s because you have exhibited a buying pattern that other companies want to cash in on.

Businesses use database marketing to target you in many ways. For example they can segment the population into groups by age, sex, locale, occupation, prior buying habits and hundreds of other categories. The needs, wants and buying habits of each group are analyzed and they are offered products or services they are likely to buy. This is a good thing. It limits the solicitations you get to things you might actually be interested in and it save businesses money by targeting likely buyers.

Once you have been using a good practice management program for a while you will have accumulated a database on your patients, which you can use in similar ways. Data base marketing combines word processing with data from the management system. To use it well you need to understand the practice data base and the merge functions of Word and e-mail.