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Dentforms and the Paperless Office

It is now possible to create truly paperless forms with a system called Dentforms from Paperless Technologies. ( The patient is handed a tablet PC. The health history and other forms are loaded on the tablet with the patient’s name already in place. The name was transferred from the appointment book program to the tablet via a wireless network connection. The patient then fills out the forms by simply tapping the screen and then signs on the tablet with an electronic pen.

The completed form is transferred to the office server via the wireless connection and is stored on the server as part of the electronic patient record. No paper, no chart, no file.

Dentforms comes with standard forms such as patient data, health history and HIPPA. These forms may be customized by each office. The tablet PC supports touch screen and “inking” capabilities. That means the user can simply tap the screen with the pen to make an entry. This is similar to the technique of using a check mark on a piece of paper. Inking allows users to draw or write on the screen so that the patient can sign the completed form.

We used this system for the first time today. It worked GREAT. It did take some time to get set up. However a call to tech support was returned promptly and we were able to set it up but it wasn’t an auto type plug and play it did require some sophisticated config entries.


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