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Since we started using Dentforms the patient response has been very positive. It is easy to use, and integrates with our existing management system (Dentrix). Dentforms provides a complete package, software, installation, training, support and even the hardware. All of that is great but what I really like about this company is their attitude. They are excited and enthusiastic about the product. They are also serious about improving how dental offices use technology. And they are constantly looking for ways to improve the product.

Dentforms includes patient data, health history, dental history, HIPPA, and other standard forms. Each office may customize the standard forms, or create their own. The tablet PC takes the place of the clipboard, floss and pen. Tablets support touch-screen and “inking” capabilities. This means the user can simply tap the screen with the electronic pen to make an entry. This is similar to the technique of using a check-off mark on a piece of paper. Inking allows users to draw or write on the screen so that the patient can sign the completed form.

With Dentforms, the dentist can fill out clinical forms electronically, as well. Or, the user can scan in paper forms and then write on them on screen.

For information and even a demo video go here

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