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Dentrix and Vista

Microsoft® Windows® Vista™ and DENTRIX G2

As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, the Henry Schein Practice Solutions (HSPS) team has been working closely with Microsoft to develop Vista-compatible versions of our practice management and add-on software products.
Currently the Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system is the preferred and recommended client platform for HSPS’s software applications. Although HSPS anticipates releasing Vista-compatible version of our software in the near future, you (our customer) need to know that upgrading or adding Windows Vista computers to your network requires a significant time investment on your part. This will help to ensure hardware, application and network compatibility and continuity with minimal disruption. Just as HSPS has had to, and will continue to modify its applications to work with (and take advantage of) Microsoft Vista as an application platform, many third-party vendors are also modifying their applications with various timelines for completion. Currently, many vendors who provide software applications, peripherals (printers and scanners), imaging software, camera and sensor drivers, and other devices, are not compatible with Microsoft Vista, and some may never be.

Dentrix Dental Systems.

This is currently on the Dentrix site. Another reason to wait on Vista. See the previous postings. As an aside I was talking to my local IT person this morning and I said (in jest) “The next time you are here I want you to install Vista on all my computers.” There was immediate laughter.

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