Dentrix Summit

I have just returned from a meeting with Dentrix and many of the top consultants, speakers and researchers in the dental technology world. They showed us a sneek peak at a number of new products and updates which I will discuss in future posts.

However the most interesting aspect of the meeting was seeing the recent changes in the management team at Dentrix.

In the past few years the founders of Dentrix, Larry Gibson and Kimbal Wirig, have retired and Henry Schein has replaced them. Whenever there is a change of this significance it is difficult to predict the outcome.

I was very pleased to see that the new management team seems to be preserving the best part of the Dentrix culture and also moving ahead with improvements that are now possible with advanced technology. Dentrix aquired the Vision suite of products from Discus Dental. Thay have also changed the name of the division to Henry Schein Practice solutions. The future at Dentrix looks good. 

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