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Did the Singularity Just Happen on Jeopardy?

It depends of course on how you define the technological singularity. The linked article refers to the machine, Watson, defeating two human Jeopardy champions.

Knowing a bunch of suff (general knowledge) is not really intelligence. On the other hand the machine can do something none of its creators could do…win at Jeopardy. So is the creation (Watson) greater than the its creators? Is it a step to machine intelligence, or at least knowledge, greater than any human?

OK all that is interesting from a philosophical point of view, however the article mentions something else. The thought that future Watsons could diagnose disease. That in fact is a great example of the type of function a machine intelligence could or even should be able to do better than a human.

However I see a future super diagnostic digital physician not as a stand alone Dr. Watson but as a dispersed system using the cloud. That could be even faster and know more than any imaginable single machine.

The Future is Coming and…you know.

…answering general knowledge questions better than the best Jeopardy players on the planet. Scary right? Then, the reporters go Utopian and suggest that Watson and its descendants could be used to diagnose illnesses.

via Did the Singularity Just Happen on Jeopardy? – The Speculist.

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