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Digital Impressions

This is really new from Densys Ltd. In fact it is so new it is still being tested. Developed in Israel Densys provides full mouth intraoral digital imaging. In other words a digital impression.

No more gagging, no more distortions, no more pouring plaster. Here is some information from the web site.

Within 90 seconds the dentist will precision map the patient’s mouth. Densys technology is ergonomic, inexpensive, easy to use, non harmful and non threatening, non invasive and totally pain free.
Three-dimensional mapping of the mouth is required in almost every procedure in dentistry.
Possible applications include:
Automated production of crowns, bridges and all prostheses
Orthodontic analysis and treatment
Occlusal analysis (how the teeth of both jaws fit each other)
Automation of dental insurance procedures
Diagnosis and treatment planning
Aesthetic planning & imaging
Authorization acquisition and post-treatment payment for insurance purposes
Prevention of unnecessary treatment and fraudulent claims
Dental identification for pathological, military and police purposes
Clinical support
Implant planning and placement
Maintenance of dental records

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