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What will become part of the digital patient record or EHR (electronic health record)? At the basic level there is  the patient census information, health history, the tooth chart, the treatment plan, all the progress notes and financial information. At the next level it is really a lot more than that. A complete digital record will also include any diagnostic material such as radiographs, photos, periodontal findings and in the future advanced diagnostic data from CBCT or E4D.

There is still more. The digital record will also contain any correspondence, insurance contacts, specialty referrals and reports, records from previous dentists or physicians, continuing care reports, phone contacts, lab slips, prescriptions, pathology reports and all the rest.

What makes a digital record better than paper? The digital patient record is a lot more than just an electronic copy of all our paper records. When you apply the basics, that is to store transmit and manipulate electronic data, the information from the records can now be extended to general office records such as the appointment schedule, office financials and patient reports. It can also easily extend beyond the office to third parties in the form of e-claims and to advisors such as accountants and business consultants. The digital record information can also be sent online to web based services for storage or anaysis. In other words the individual digital patient record integrates with the digital office and the Internet “cloud”  and it does so instantly automatically electronically and with no human time required.

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