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Diode Laser for TMJ

I spent most of Saturday with Dr. Mike Koceja learning about the clinical uses of the Biolase ezlase diode laser. I am a huge fan of the diode. The ezlase has some well designed features that make it easy to use. For example the disposable tip is a LOT easier to use than the alternative which was to cleave and strip the end of a fragile fiber optic cord. On the other hand the disposable tips are a bit pricey. Dr. Koceja advised us that delicately used tips could be sterilized and used more than once.

The other interesting new feature was that ezlase has received FDA approval for the treatment of low level muscle and joint pain. This is not yet on the Biolase web page but here is a quote provided by Biolase,

Dr. Dara Rosenberg, DDS, Director, Department of Dentistry at Bronx, NY-based St. Barnabus Hospital, has performed multiple pilot studies with low level laser therapy using a BIOLASE diode laser for myofacial pain and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction on patients.

“Our clinical experience with the laser has shown improvement in both pain relief and return to function. It has enabled patients who have been on medication for extended periods of time to reduce, and eliminate the medications and avoid surgical intervention. Because it is non-invasive, more practitioners should expand its use for the benefit of all patients.”

This is very interesting and I am eager to learn more. However the more traditional use of diode lasers, as a soft tissue surgical device are amazing all by themselves. Personally I could not be a dentist without my diode laser.

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