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Each state’s dentist supply, ranked

From Becker’s: Very Interesting

The average number of dentists per 100,000 people in the U.S. is 61, according to the United Health Foundation’s 2019 “America’s Health Rankings” report,… Massachusetts has the country’s highest dentist supply and Alabama has the lowest.

Here are the state-by-state rankings UHF used to calculate states’ 2019 overall health scores, the most recent available. Values reflect the number of active dentists per 100,000 population.

Source: Each state’s dentist supply, ranked

The article states that the average is 61 dentists per 100,000. However the median, that is the state ranked # 25 (Arizona, my state) has 54.4. A few states with a LOT of dentists MA, AK, NJ skew the average.

As a dentist do you want to live in a state with a high number of dentists? Are those other dentists your competition or are you competing with travel and big screens? Which is better a state with fewer dentists to compete or a state with a robust economy?

More dentists per 100,000 does not necessarily translate to better access. It is common to find an abundance of dentists in desirable suburban neighborhoods with limited dentists in rural or inner city areas.