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Eaglesoft 16

I just saw a presentation highlighting the newest release of Eaglesoft; version 16. It is scheduled for controlled release starting next month. That means not all current users will receive an upgrade disc at the same time, but the release will be spread out over time so that support will always be available when needed.

There are a lot of nice features coming. However what I think is even more important is that the scope and quality of this upgrade clearly demonstrates that Patterson remains committed to Eaglesoft and users will continue to receive support and upgrades. It also measn that the changes are significant enough that users should get a little training before trying to install and use the new version. That could mean just viewing the online video or better yet having a trainer come to your office.

The most sigificant changes are in the billing, accounting and scheduling modules. The next release, sceduled for next year will concentrate more on charting.

Patterson Eaglesoft 16 is here!.

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