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I often find insightful articles at the blog, Edgelings. This one is a good example. It confirms something we all know but sometimes forget in our desire to get a good deal and make a wise choice. I have often fallen in this pit. I admit now many years later I bought a Beta VCR.

A good past example of this in dentistry is dental management software. At one time there were something like 400 different practice management systems available. The market spoke and now we have at most 4 viable national options.

Right now I believe a good example is CBCT. There are 14 cone beam machines (at last count) being offered to dentists. I believe the market can support two or three. Which means if you buy one of the off brands that doesn’t make it you risk being “Beta-Maxed”. That is stuck with an expensive device with no place for service support or repairs.

The truth is that every hot new consumer electronics business — going all of the way back to radio and television, up through calculators and digital watches to today’s smartphones and MP3 players – is quickly swarmed by scores of competitors, most of them doomed. I can remember, as a young reporter, having to cover 150 new disk drive companies, 50 calculator companies, and something like 80 personal computer companies. Nearly all of them died, of course, typically in a mass shakeout about 18 months after the boom began, leaving only the two or three that make the history books.

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