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Another interesting Edgelings article. The article dances around an important issue I have been concerned about. In the Internet age, when amazing amounts of information are just a click away, how do you determine what is real or true and who is trustworthy?

The public is seeking and indeed finding dental information online. They are aware that just because it is on the Internet doesn’t mean it is true. The public wants some sort of assurance that the information they are receiving is valid. Providing this validation will, I believe, be critical in the future. I have a lot of thoughts on this and will follow up with more. In the meantime read the article.

Looking back, if there is one part of our research I would have emphasized a whole lot more, and would have tried harder to quantify, it is the matter of Trust. Writing at about the same time, in his book of that name, political scientist Francis Fukuyama got it right: Trust is the single most valuable currency of the modern global economy, the maker and breaker of nations.

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