Edmonton, Dentrix and Snow

by Larry Emmott on October 7, 2005

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I just returned from Canada. The groups I spoke to in Calgary and Edmonton were delightful. They have much the same issues as we do in the US with computer technology.

About a year ago Henry Schein took over Dentrix in Canada. Prior to that time it had been distributed by a company called Byte. There was some concern that Schein would not keep up with the product in Canada. However looking at what has actually happened it looks like a very good thing for Canadian Dentrix Users. They have instituted a rapid upgrade program which will bring Canadian Dentrix users up to version 11 within about a month.

In the past Canadian Dentrix users were running as much as three years behind the US. It looks like this will soon be a thing of the past.

The only negative to my trip was the weather. Instead of crisp and lovely fall weather with highs in the 50s and low 60s we had snow!! gloomy days and temps in the 30s. Perversely the Canadians use the Celsius scale and kept saying the temp was 1 or 2, which made it seem even colder.

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