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If you’re an avid techie, you are probably well aware of all the ways in which you can use electronic transactions to the advantage of your dental practice. But for those of you who aren’t technically inclined, this may be news. There are few downfalls, if any, to electronic transactions. They are simple, efficient, and effective – and they can save you time and money!

  • Check eligibility and benefit info on patients
  • Submit claims with digital pictures and X-rays
  • Check claim status
  • Send electronic remittances
  • Transfer funds online
  • Accept online payments on accounts

Another benefit – electronic transactions will present your practice as an active member of the high-tech world. These few functions are not as hard to learn as you may think, so don’t be intimidated. In fact, since you’re the boss, you can hand off the project to your office administrator. Ask him or her to gather information on the costs and technology required for the electronic transactions you want to implement, then prioritize where to begin. In no time, you’ll have a tech-savvy office that your patients will admire and respect.
Learn more about the advantages of electronic transactions for the dental office by reading this article on the ADA site:

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