envisionTEC: Partials

71d27a869aAnother amazing use of technology. This is a device for labs. However it demonstrates how digital devices can connect for a faster, cheaper, better end result.

The danger is that as each device, whether it is a digital impression machine, a CAD-CAM or a lab device like this one is developed there is a tendency on the part of the manufacturers to keep everything propriatory.

In an ideal future world a dentist could take an impression with an iTero, a LAVA COS or a Cerec and send it to any lab to be input to any digital device to make a crown.

In the less than perfect world, as it is now, a digital impression can only be processed by the same company that made the capture device.

With running costs as little as $ 1.00 per hour, the average part cost is $ 0.20 per crown. This makes it the most cost effective method of manufacture. It has also made it one of the worlds fastest selling Rapid Prototyping / Rapid Manufacturing systems for the Dental and Medical markets.

envisionTEC: Partials.

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