Four Core Concepts

For over ten years I have been working with dentists, and more importantly in my own office, to use technology well and develop an effective high tech dental office. From that experience I have developed four core concepts which can help guide dentists in the development of a high tech dental office.

  1. Change
  2. Digital Nervous System
  3. High Tech – High Touch
  4. End in Mind

Technological change does not follow a linear progression. We tend to see change as slowly happening over time, that each year a few more people have adapted a particular new thing. However usually change does not happen in a straight progression but follows an s-curve like this.


This s-curve is obvious with some technologies, like cell phones. For years the number of cell phone users grew slowly, then suddenly it reached a tipping point and over night it seemed everybody had a cell phone.

The same s curve of change is happening with the use of computer technology in the treatment rooms. For years the number of dentists using computers in the treatment rooms grew slowly, led by early adopters and risk takers. I believe we have now reached the tipping point and suddenly the number of dentist with clinical computers is growing exponentially.

As you plan your high tech future be aware that change can happen very quickly.

Look at the following item from the NY Times. Kodak knew that digital photography was coming. What Kodak failed to realize was how fast digital would take over from film once the tipping point was reached. If a major international corporation like Kodak can be damaged by rapid change it can happen to you as well.
More to come on the remaining core concepts.

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