Four Resolutions for 2009

Have you made any New Year resolutions for 2009? Of course there is the usual lose weight and get in shape. On the other hand this is a good time to make some high tech resolutions to go with the weight loss.

Most people are concerned about the economy and are looking to reduce expenses and increase productivity in the next year. Effective use of technology has always been one of the best ways to accomplish these goals.

  1. Use what you have now. Chances are you already have some pretty sophisticated technology and you aren’t using it fully. Make a resolution to get more out of what you have.
  2. One of the best ways to accomplish number one is training. Resolve to attend at least two computer or software training courses this year. That is training for the team and the doctor.
  3. Complete the system. Resolve to add a computer to every treatment room and to network the entire office.
  4. Reduce paper. A completely paperless record by the end of the year would be great. However start with some easier goals. Evaluate every paper you now create. Is it still important? Can it be added to an electronic record? Is there a faster way to do this?