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FuturePundit: Virtual Medical Visits Work As Well As Real Ones?

 Why take the trouble of going to a doctor’s office when a virtual visit will work as well?

BOSTON – Travelers book plane tickets online, bank customers can check their accounts at any computer, and busy families can grocery shop online. Someday, even doctor visits could be among the conveniences offered via the Internet. Researchers considering the feasibility and effectiveness of virtual doctors visits report that , according a study published in the May issue of the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare.
Of course this won’t work for everything. Blood samples and other tests will still need to be done in some visits. But the sample taking could be decoupled from the time of the consultation in some cases. Go to a store front that has a nurse who takes blood, urine, tissue, and other samples. Perhaps stand in front of a machine that takes very high resolution pictures of your retinas, mouth, and other parts. Then video consult with your specialist hundreds or thousands of miles away when the test results come in.

FuturePundit: Virtual Medical Visits Work As Well As Real Ones?.

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