We had a day and a half of advanced training on Dentrix G-2 last week. It is awesome. Most of the significant changes are in the chart module. This is a great start but what I find just as exciting is that this change will open up the future to changes in schedule and the other modules which will make the whole program even better.

The most obvious change is in the look. However there are many internal changes which will make charting and note taking much more efficient. For example it is now possible to make chart notes using a decision tree that guides you through the note process with options for each essential item.

The treatment planning and presenter operations are completely upgraded and add a lot of advanced features, including automatic integration with patient ed images.

My biggest complaint is the financial presentation. It is labeled Insurance Information…wait, what if the patient has no insurance? Or better yet what if I don’t want to present based on insurance?

Another pet peeve…several places refer to a provider. That is an insurance term and one I find insulting. We are not providers we are dentists or doctors or professionals.

Those items aside G-2 is a powerful upgrade that all Dentrix users will find extremely useful in creating a truly paperless record.

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