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GE Medical Records TV Commercial; Horrible

Did you see this TV commercial while watching the Olympics over the last two weeks?

I saw it repeatedly and I think it is horrible.  The primary message I get from this commercial is that the poor patient is exposed, he has no privacy, in fact he is embarrassed, ashamed, asking for his pants at the end. I am a HUGE fan of electronic medical (dental) records (EMR) for all kinds of reasons. However I find that people (and even some health care professionals) fear that electronic records will compromise patient privacy and that fear is exactly what this commercial demonstrates.

Sure all the docotrs in the audience are providing instantaneous information regarding his health history. That’s good, in fact great, that is a primary advantage to EMR. But for me, and I believe the vast majority of people watching, the message is; loss of privacy, loss of respect, loss of control.

What were they thinking?

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