Gearlog: More Computer Accessories

IOGEAR-USB-Net-ShareStationIOGEAR USB Net ShareStation: Share USB Devices Across a Network
For consumers and small-business owners, it can be a royal pain to have to transfer files from computer to computer in your home or office, by loading a flash drive or schlepping your hard drive around. IOGEAR is hoping to solve this problem, with its USB Net ShareStation ($79.95), a palm-sized device that lets users share USB devices across a network.

Announced today, the USB Net ShareStation allows access to hard drives, flash drives, printers, speakers, and webcams across a network. It also supports Multi-Function Printer sharing, so that anyone on the wired/wireless network will have access to printing, scanning, and copying shared files from an external device.

Gearlog: More Computer Accessories.