Get Rid of Your Cable and Watch TV on Your Cell Phone

I received the following interesting e-news from Francine Hardaway and Stealthmode Partners.

infrastructure is here for both digital and mobile digital media, but
the monetization models are not and the content owners are growing
desperate. We are at the disruptive stage, where newspapers and TV
stations are laying off and only SOME players have figured out how to
make money from the new way younger people want to consume content.

of video consumed today is prerecorded. But only 23% is consumed on TV.
By next year, a 15% increase in online consumption of media expected,
driven by a generational shift. The younger the person, the happier
he/she is watching TV over IP. We are coming close to the time people
will be making a choice between cable and IP, not having both. How do
you think this is making the TV industry feel?