GNYDM Highlights from Lorne Lavine

In a recent e-newsletter Dr. Lorne Lavine featured these 16 products from the Greater NY Dental Meeting. Click more for the complete list:

  • I’ve mentioned The Health Chair in past articles but I continue to love this chair. There were a few companies displaying the chairs and if you value your back and your team’s backs, you owe it to everyone in your office to check this out.
  • My friends at Sota Optics, who make the excellent Claris intraoral camera, are now getting into the digital x-ray business. They were showing a new system called Clio which marries the new e2v CMOS sensor with their software. Retail pricing is around $15k for a full two-sensor system with software.
  • I’m really impressed with how Suni is turning their image around. New management, new marketing, new products…they were down for awhile but seem to be on the way back. Besides their intraoral sensors, they are now showing extraoral units including a cone beam. While it looks similar to the ones made by E-woo, Suni is the only company I know of that is selling the 5 X 5 FOV option, which is perfect for quadrant dentistry or single tooth implants
  • Schick was showing their newest sensor, the CDR Elite. As with the PlusWire, the cable can be replaced. I liked the new cable placement as well as the more comfortable design.
  • While there are many companies showing patient education software, I’m still a big fan of Consult-Pro. They seem to have the most features but still manage to keep the price down. They have a new Webmaster website generator coming soon.
  • I saw a slick cheek retractor/rechargeable LED light system called the eBite. It charges wirelessly and the light was unbelievably strong. Sold by Pearson for around $100.
  • Speaking of bright lights, I was also impressed with the nliten Illumination system. Seems like this could be used not only for caries detection but for finding canals, with a dental mirror, for perio pockets, you name it.
  • DigitalDoc was showing a new camera called the Iris. One of the best features is that they claim you no longer need a barrier sheath, long the bane of dental assistants. The focus wheel is also unique. Priced towards the high end, close to $5500.
  • Dexis was also showing their new sensor, the Platinum. A number of nice new features such as elimination of the PC card interface, no USB box, better sensor cable placement, etc. Image quality was looking better as well.
  • A really slick system that I saw there is called Dental GPS. It does a number of things, such as cosmetic imaging, lab prescriptions, lab communication, etc. Very cool features and I like the full integration of multiple modules.
  • Not the highest of technology but still very critical for dental offices: which keyboards do you use in the ops? I saw a really nice line of wireless washable keyboards called the HotTooth and at $149, priced reasonably well.
  • Kodak is now shipping their 1500 Video Camera. This is one of the nicest intraoral cameras out there and it has the widest focal range I’ve ever seen. I hope they will open up the camera to other software programs as it currently only works with their image software.
  • Have you heard of DentaCheques? (Well, you have now!). Great idea…takes the old concept of coupons and pairs it with helping those in need.
  • A digital pan that I hadn’t seen before from Belmont, the Bel-Cypher, was on display. Nice looking machine, nice looking images. Sold through most dental dealers.
  • Air Techniques was showing their Polaris intraoral camera. I love the swiveling head and the image quality is better than their previous efforts.
  • Cadent, which has an amazing system with the iTero digital impression system, was showing a new system called the iOC, which is geared more towards the requirements for models that orthodontists have. Easily the best digital impression system out there.

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