GNYDM Pride Institute Technology Fair


The prestigious Pride Institute under the leadership of Dr. Lou Shuman and Amy Morgan is pleased to announce the First Annual Pride Insitute-Greater New York Dental Meeting Technology Fair. Through an unbiased assessment selection process in conjunction with known technology expert Dr. Larry Emmott, technologies were chosen as Best of Class for 2009. These technologies are divided into four categories: Foundational, Diagnostic, Digital Highway and Emerging. The Technology Fair will have a large designated space on the exhibit floor where each of the companies chosen will provide a hands-on demonstration of their technology for four days as well as two scheduled presentations in the Tech Fair classroom that will be located within the Tech Fair space on the exhibit floor as well. Leading up to the Fair, Dental Products Report will be highlighting each technology in individual articles and will cover the Fair live and post-meeting

2009 “Best of Class” Technology Fair Participants


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