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Google Glass Failed, but …

googleglassFrom MIT:

Google announced on Thursday that it will stop selling the current version of Google Glass, a much-derided device that was available through a public beta program, and will work on future iterations of the product in secret.

via Google Glass Failed, but Here’s the Path Its Successors Will Take | MIT Technology Review.

The tech universe has decided that Google Glass is a flop. There is some truth to that, Glass has not taken off like iPhones. However iPhones were not Apple’s first attempt at a portable personal computer. That was something called Newton which like Glass failed to catch on.

Newton failed for many of the same reason Glass has not taken off; too new, too clunky, no immediate benefit. On the other hand it was the germ of an idea that eventually changed the world.

I still see a role for wearable computers in dentistry and medicine. See this:

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