** Hands on Technology Oct 28-29 **

Learn How to Plan, Develop & Manage the High Tech Dental Practice

Save Money:

  • One simple hardware device will save you $5,000.
  • Save up to $25,000 on a camera system.
  • Learn how to save $6,000 a year by using e-calls.
  • Save $8,000 a year on payroll and accounting

You will Learn

  • How to Implement New Technologies
  • The Steps to Developing a Technology Action Plan
  • Where to Put Computers in the Treatment Room
  • How to Choose Advanced Systems
  • Where, What and How Much when Buying Computer Hardware

Topics Include:

  • Digital Radiology
  • Cosmetic Imaging
  • Digital Image Management
  • Treatment Room Design
  • Data Base Marketing
  • Front Desklessness
  • And Much More

For more information look Here:  Or call Laci at 603 324–1900

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