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“Handwriting Is History”

This is a link to a long article on handwriting that is interesting but has very little direct connection with technology in dentistry. However the section quoted below expresses a truth which I see all the time in technology and dentistry.

…Handwriting slowly became a form of self-expression when it ceased to be the primary mode of written communication. When a new writing technology develops, we tend to romanticize the older one. The supplanted technology is vaunted as more authentic because it is no longer ubiquitous or official.

via “Handwriting Is History”.

“When a new technology develops we tend to romanticize the old one…as more authentic.” When anyone (including even dental professionals) dedicate their life to perfecting an important and complex task it is extremely difficult to give it up when a new technology comes along that makes all that skill and learning obsolete. More here.

That’s why the most committed experts are hardest to convert. They insist that film is better than digital, cast gold is better than CAD – CAM and PVS in a tray is better than iTero. When in fact the new technology is significantly better but because it lessens the experts value it is rejected.

The old way is “art” it is more “authentic”.

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