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How Digital Transformations Succeed

Excellent linked article below. It is not dental specific but the basics of digital transformations they discuss absolutely apply to dentistry.

The significant finding is that the success of any digital transition is primarily dependent on the people who implement the change not on the products or the process. I have been emphasizing this same issue for several years referring to the “Practice Technologist”.

Dentists and dental team members planning new technology tend to get hung up on choosing the right product. After agonizing over what to buy the dentists makes a decision and then implements the new system with minimal training and no thought to the people actually using the new technology. If it fails the dentist and the team blame the product and either start over or decide that technology is not really worth it.

Choosing the right product matters, however any of the leading dental systems will work work. If a dental office fails to use Dentrix effectively I suggest it is the office that has failed not Dentrix. After all there are tens of thousands of dental offices using Dentrix successfully.

What matters far more than the product is training, implementation, follow up training and most important the people using the new technology. If the team members will not embrace the new system it will not work. And I mean embrace, as love it and,use it with enthusiasm. It is not good enough just to tolerate that new thing the dentist has forced upon us.

From Toptal Research:

…the BBC’s failed £125.9m Digital Media Initiative is a reminder—as in most failed big IT-enabled projects—that the causes have nothing to do with software and everything to do with management and people.”

Source: How Digital Transformations Succeed | Toptal