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How Negative News Distorts Our Thinking

From Psychology Today:

Exposure to consistent, sensationalized pessimism and negativity has become the norm for those keeping up with the news.

This matters, because research shows us that what we see on the news can significantly impact our mental health.

Source: How Negative News Distorts Our Thinking | Psychology Today

The media thrives on negativity. The current pandemic is a wonderful excuse to predict the worst – the end of the world. One reason they do this is that we reward them with attention, clicks and likes. The linked article explains why this happens and gives some advice on how to mitigate this negative bias.

It also supports a long held thesis of mine. We live in remarkable times and everything is better, much better, than it has ever been in history. (Here.) Yet people insist on believing times are bad, Certainly the Corona pandemic has been and continues to be a major concern. However this too shall pass and we will still be living in the age of miracles.