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How Patients See Dental Technology

In case you missed it: Dentalcompare from 2013.

Imagine you are a reasonably techno aware American. You are confronted with these two email addresses:

  • 2thdoc

One is professional and technologically aware the other is…old fashioned. It is probably not fair but AOL is thought of as email for old people who don’t know any better. If you do not have a branded email address with your own domain you are telling the world you are behind the times.

It would be nice if patients judged us on the quality of our dentistry. But patients have no realistic way to judge the marginal integrity of a restoration or the cleanliness of a root surface. So they judge us on easily observed and possibly superficial factors.

One of those factors is the use of technology…

Friendly, on time and takes insurance is no longer good enough. Technology will help differentiate you from the crowd.

via Emmott On Technology: How A Patient Sees Dental Technology |

An easy to use web site, online forms, digital radiographs and same day crowns all tell the patient that you are up to date. Even the general level of your hardware has something to say. Confronted with this;


or this;


sitting on the desk which doctor would you trust to be up to date?

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