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How to handle online negative reviews

From ADA News:

But what happens if a dentist finds that a patient has posted an unfavorable review? Can they do anything about it?

…“Proceed carefully, if you decide to proceed at all,” the module warns. “Commercial speech is protected speech so, in most cases, the best response is to not respond.”

Source: How to handle online negative reviews

The linked article has some great advice. I know it is great because it is the same advice I have been giving for years. 🙂

If you get a negative review it is best not to engage, overwhelm it with positive ones. If you are getting many negative reviews you are messing up. Fix it.

Dentists are under the added burden of HIPAA. We must be very careful when dealing with reviews. It is a violation to even acknowledge that the complainer is a patient.

Customer comments are considered protected commercial speech and you have little or no recourse against unfair or untrue reviews. Some dentists have tried to respond with legal action and the results have been disastrous.

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