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How to Spring Clean Your PC

Dental office computers are especially prone to gunk. If the tower is on the floor it will accumulate enormous dust bunnies. By the way if possible don’t put it on the floor mount it in a cabinet or at least with an under counter sling. Keyboards tend to get clogged with glove powder. Wherever you put the parts the nature of electrical devices is to attract and hold dust. So keep it clean.

In the dental office we have some handy items that make cleaning keyboards mice and such very slick. We have compressed air in our three way syringes to blow out the dust. Just be sure there is no water in the line!! We have little tiny brushes to clean around keys. And we have central vac with little tiny surgical tips that can be used to suck up the dust.

Once you have spruced up the machine it is time to clean the windows. But you don’t do these windows with Windex and ammonia. You clean up your Windows operating system with system utilities and anti-malware applications.

There are two aspects to thoroughly clean you PC: There’s the physical cleaning, or manually cleaning actual gunk out of your computer, and the digital cleaning, or using tools to get the Windows operating system back in fighting shape after gaining all that holiday weight.

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