General Management Office Design

Image is …

The old (Canon) camera commercials told us “Image is everything”. That’s a bit over the edge, image isn’t everything but it is an important practice element that many dentists never even think about. However even if you don’t think about your image you do have one. You can either choose the image you want and promote it or you can let it happen by accident and be determined by others.

Many things including the office furnishings, the style of business card you use, and even how you answer the phone will determine your office image. Using technology is mostly a business management function but it will also play a part in creating your image.

An office with treatment room computers, flat panel monitors, computerized records, digital photos and digital x-rays presents a high tech modern up to date image. Patients will assume the dentistry done in that office is modern as well. Just having and using computers is a marketing strategy. Compare that image to an office with out computers and computerized records. Many patients would perceive that office as being out dated. They would also assume the dentistry would also be old fashioned and outdated as well.

Guides to going High Tech