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Inaugural List of Dentistry’s 32 Most Influential

From Incisal Edge: Very interesting.

Measuring “influence” is a little like measuring love, or the water view from an apartment terrace. It’s a formula that includes a few numbers, some guesswork and a whole lot of you-know-it-when-you-see it…

…Only 14 of these 32 are actually dentists, a reflection of just how diverse, broad-based and, yes, influential our industry has become.”

Source: Incisal Edge Introduces Inaugural List of Dentistry’s 32 Most Influential

Howard Farran is #3 ahead of Stanley Bergman the CEO of Schein. Not sure about that. Gordon Christensen is # 11. And Gwyneth Paltrow # 28…really?

Of the 14 actual dentists only a few practice. Most on the list are in industry, government, education or media.

Poor Howard, after being chosen #3 he ends up next to me in the “Dentistry Today” special Leaders in CE edition. 🙂


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