Intel® Health Guide

This new use of technology does not have an immediate dental application but the concept will be very sigificant in the future.

The product as it is now(link below) has some important but limited uses monitoring patients with certain chronic illnesses. However the idea, which is that medical (dental) conditions can be monitored and dealt with using a remote system, smart software and para professional level providers has huge potential.

A patient can receive care immediately with no drive to an office, no wait to see a doctor, no doctor time used unless it is required. The provider can review and help many many more people each day.

This is the kind of innovation using technology that improves the patient experience and reduces costs. That is the kind of technology that can totaly change an industry. 

Connecting engaged patients with informed providers
The Intel® Health Guide¹ is meant to be a powerful care management tool for healthcare professionals who manage patients with long-term (chronic) conditions.
The Intel Health Guide promotes greater patient engagement and more efficient care management by enabling communications between patients and healthcare professionals and providing clinicians with access to the most current, actionable data.

Intel® Health Guide—Overview.