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This is the next logical use of computers. If you already have a network you can easily use them to communicate within the office that’s the Intranet and then to connect to the world with the Internet.

Harness the power of the web – privately
Introducing Lighthouse PLZ Intranet – a privately maintained, web-based computer network accessible by authorized individuals only. The Intranet uses World Wide Web technology (like hyperlinks, graphics and designable pages), enabling you to create a web site designed for easy communication among all members of your team, and simple access to every feature of the Internet that anyone in your office ever uses.
Even though it’s an “intra” net, you can access it from any computer on the Internet, not just any computer in your office. Most important, your Intranet is secure, requiring a username and password to access. As the administrator/owner, you will have privileges that other members of your team won’t have – like updating content and adding new users. Your Intranet – – will be based on the “vanity” domain name included with your Lighthouse PLZ membership.

  • What are the benefits of the Intranet?

    Access the office e-mail – receive e-mails sent to and
    Maintain your practice’s calendar – stay in the loop with internal events like vacation schedules, staff meetings, and equipment maintenance schedules
    Provide one-click access to insurance company sites – check eligibility, claim status, etc. from any computer without bookmarking the site
    Visit popular web sites with just a click – supply companies, financing companies, etc.
    Modify your public web site content – make changes or additions to your site in a matter of minutes
    Access all other features of Lighthouse PLZ – patient contact tools, our version of your appointment book, Lighthouse PLZ Alerts (configuration and history), and Club Lighthouse

Lighthouse PLZ.

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