Invisalign Assist

Blogging from the ADA in San Antonio. I lectured this morning and did not have a lot of time to cruise the show but did see some interesting new things.

Invisalign has launched a new program Invisalign Assist, noted below. Invisalign assist makes starting to use Invisalign a snap. It guides you through the case, it even tells you what to do at each appointment and if the treatment gets off track it will detect that and get it back on track.

Invisalign is an amazing technology and a great service that every dentist should condider doing. And now with the assist program it is evan easier. Follow the link below for details.

With Invisalign Assist, you don’t have to be an Invisalign expert to get the results you want. Every step of the way, Invisalign Assist gives you the product support you need to help you select appropriate cases. It keeps your treatments on track, minimizes or eliminates the potential for treatment failures, and allows you to finish the case in a manner that satisfies your treatment goals.

AssistInvisalign Assist.