iPad Hmmm

The following quote is from one of the many many online discussion re: the iPad. It sums up my feelings regarding tablets in general. I love the idea but…it doesn’t seem to work in reality the way we imagine it will. (BTW tablets are not new they have been around for years Apple just hasĀ a much better hype machine than anyone else so it seems like a new idea.)

I have the feeling that the iPad may turn out to be like the “male purse.” Theoretically useful and presumptively hip, but incompatible with how we actually like to live and work.

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i really can’t see the ipad being any help in the surgery.
doesn’t work with gloves, you always need 2 hands (1 to hold, 1 to use) and there are pc’s in almost every surgery now.
it would be very good for general practitioners in a hospital who see lots of patients and go from room to room.

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