iPad Mini Tablet

Apple unveiled the new mini tablet this week to a seemingly indifferent world. At least I failed to notice the over the top hype associated with previous Apple product introductions.

Never the less it has gained a fair amount of tech-world press. Mostly comparisons to the full sized iPad or the comparable Kindle Fire. I have linked to one such article below.

I do not see an immediate dental application. On the other hand new technology often assumes roles the developers never anticipated once it gets into the hands of creative users.

Apple insists that the iPad Mini is the same iPad you know and love, but in a different size.

However, sameness and difference don’t play well together. The iPad Mini is clearly less capable in the graphics department: Its display, while sharp, is not the Retina display that makes the 9.7-inch iPad, now in its fourth generation, so compelling.

via iPad Mini Tablet: Visual Tour — InformationWeek.

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