Is it time to get a Cerec?

I think Cerec is a good choice. There has been talk for several years about competing cad cam machines coming to the market. So far they have all been delayed for extended times. This tells me these developing systems don’t work that well. On the other hand Cerec has a long track record. And I think even more important Cerec has a very complete training system in place. This includes a number of private centers as well as the company training sites.
The only problem I see with Cerec is the learning curve. To get a good ROI you need to use it often, in multiple units and efficiently. This takes some time to learn and takes a team commitment.

It is not on the web site yet however the developers at Cerec are talking about an improved system to create proper dental anatomy quickly. The system uses a kind of artificial intelligence to design advanced secondary anatomy quickly and accurately. Look for this upgrade early next year.

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