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Is Wi-Fi Dead?

Read the whole article from PC Magazine here:Is Wi-Fi Headed to an Early Grave? – News and Analysis by PC Magazine

By Mark Hachman
Is Wi-Fi dead as a standalone technology? According to Airgo chief executive Greg Raleigh, it is.
Airgo, which agreed to be acquired Monday by Qualcomm, helped pioneer the latest generation of Wi-Fi technology, called 802.11n. Although the technology is currently mired in a series of draft standards, analysts expect 802.11n to be completed next year.

For years, however, Wi-Fi has been what some call a “heart” technology, serving as the fundamental technology around which a product, such as a router or PC Card, has been designed. Market research firm In-Stat said Monday that sales of Wi-Fi chipsets are on track to exceed 200 million units in 2006, according to statistics compiled by the Wi-Fi Alliance and In-Stat. That’s a 25-percent boost since last year.
With the approval of 802.11n, however, Raleigh sees Wi-Fi losing its significance, and co-existing with WWAN technologies like the 3G EDGE telecom/data standard in routers and cards.

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