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Just e-mail the lab

Just using e-mail can be a big help improving dentist lab communications. Dave Hodson, Partner at Harmony Dental Labs in Jacksonville, Florida says, “More and more, email allows us to plan and troubleshoot cases at a time that is convenient for the doctor.  You’d be amazed how many e-mails (often responses to a case question sent earlier) we receive at night, on Fridays and over the weekend.  It allows our customers to use their time in the practice for what is most valuable – working with patients.”

Digital communication is very fast (virtually instantaneous) and very inexpensive. However there is an even greater benefit that is so obvious it is often not appreciated and that is that digital communications allows us to transmit digital data. And now a days we can turn virtually everything we do (shades, photos and even impressions) into digital data.

For example at Harmony Lab Hodson says they capture digital photos of models with a 10x microscope. These can be transmitted back to the dental office. “A lot of questions about prep design and margins can now be answered without the case having to go back to the practice.”

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